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Renewal and Refinancing

Mortgage Renewal

Is your mortgage due in the coming months? Did your institution make you an offer for your renewal? STOP! Let’s talk together as soon as possible to see if these are the best conditions and the best rate on the market. The latter is constantly changing and so are your needs. Note that, for an institution transfer, all costs can be covered (notary, receipt, assessment). Let me reassess the offer of all the lenders and find the best one for YOU.

Refinancing your property

Do you want to refinance your property for renovations, to invest in another project, to pay debts or for the trip of a lifetime? Your home has certainly grown in value in recent years! We can refinance it at 80 % of its market value. This strategy can save you a lot of money versus high interest credit products. Many customers pay off their debts by refinancing their property. It’s ingenious! Contact me and I can make all the calculations necessary for your project. My passion is optimizing the numbers!

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