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First property purchase

Have you been looking at classified ads for centuries and you finally found the house or condo you were looking for? Take a breath and let’s take a look at the two necessary financing steps before submitting a purchase offer.

Renewal and refinancing

Is your mortgage due in the coming months? Do you want to refinance your property for renovations, to invest in another project, to pay debts or for the trip of a lifetime?
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MY MISSION: Guide you through the MOST IMPORTANT transaction of your LIFE and make sure that this experience is positive and enriching.
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New construction

Do you want to build the house of your dreams and be able to choose everything from A to Z? There are a few special features to take into account in this type of project. We must not forget that new construction equals taxes on the purchase price!


Are you self-employed like me? If you’ve been in it for at least two years, your credit history is good, and your last taxes are up to date, I have mortgage products for your situation.
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achat d'une première maison

Mortgage line of credit

Do you want to enjoy equity on your home at a very low interest rate? The mortgage margin is a super economical and practical product. Contact me and I will help you get one!

Amortization of 30 years

You thought it was no longer done! Think again! If you buy with more than 20 % down payment or refinance your property, you can get a 30-year mortgage. This will lower your monthly payments. This can be a very beneficial strategy.
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Purchase of a second home or a cabin

Who doesn’t dream of a waterfront cottage or a pied à terre in another regularly visited city. Even if you have a primary mortgage with lender X, it is not necessarily the best lender for your second home. On the contrary, some lenders are not at all specialized in this kind of file. This is the importance of working with a mortgage broker to ensure you have the best rate AND the best conditions for your investment.

Purchase of a 4-unit building and less

Do you want to get into real estate investing? Nothing better to start with than buying a duplex, triplex or quadruplex. Each lender performs the calculations differently for rental income. You even have the choice to live in it or not. Benefit from my experience as a real estate investor and from my numerous trainings on the subject. I will be able to guide you so that your project is a success!
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Separation and settlement

Divorce and separation are not very pleasant, but we still have to settle the question of the house. Either you sell the house, or you buy back your spouse’s share, or your spouse leaves the house to you as a gift (Let’s be realistic! The last option will probably not happen.) Did you know that you can refinance your house to match 95 % of its market value during a separation? There are also details to check in order to make sure you don’t pay the welcome tax again. Let me support you in this trying process.

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