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5 Documents You’ll Need For Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

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If you know me, you know that I often ask the same question when shopping for a house or condo; do you have your mortgage pre-approval? This pre-approval is almost imperative before you even start digging into Centris, DuProprio or other properties for sale.
What is mortgage pre-approval?
In sum, pre-approval is granted by a financial institution, either directly or from an advisor, and it determines the maximum amount that you can allow yourself to spend on your future residence. Pre-approval also allows you to get an estimate of hypothetical payments.
Why is pre-approval essential?
Getting pre approved for your motgage can sometimes take multiple business days, depending on the institution.That being said, it’s also possible not to get approved on the first try, especially if you go knocking on the wrong door. With Nicolas Ouimet, you can rest assured knowing he’ll get you approved ASAP.

Being pre-approved prior to house shopping puts you on a level playing field with fellow competitors and interested buyers. If you’re ever caught in a bidding war, pre-approval places you at a significant advantage. A seller will be more inclined to accept an offer from a buyer who is pre-approved since he knows that the buyer will have the necessary funds and that the transaction will be able to take place quickly with no unwanted surprises.
So what documents do you need?
Buying a home is not a decision you came to lightly. This has been months in the making, and you’ve likely been saving up for years for this moment. Let’s get you pre-approved.
Required documents to give to your broker or institution:

  • Your last pay stub
  • Letter of employment atestation
  • T4 from the previous two years
  • Identification
  • Proof of downpayment


  • T1 General Income Tax Return
  • Federal and provincial notices of assessment
  • Identification
  • Proof of downpayment
  • États financiers (si applicable)
*Depending on your situation, your financial institution may request additional documents. 

Do you have all your documents ready? Let’s discuss your pre-approval together
and get you on the path, towards your future home!

Nicolas Ouimet – that’s me – is here to guide you through the most important transaction of your life.

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